RichCafe Espresso Italy - Bean to cup Coffee Vending Machine

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A veritable one stop solution, "RichCafe Espresso Italy" is an amazing vending wonder and a crown jewel. Fully automated and programmable, you can easily customize any flavour to your specific taste and liking simply by programming the machine! The price to quality ratio of Bean to cup is unmatched and offers the best deal for any organization. Artful and elegant, it delivers coffee of unmatched taste, body and quality from bean to cup in less than 30 seconds! We provide coffee beans from our own roasting plant and the espresso machine can dispense 4 different types of coffee

A strong and rich coffee blended with whitener and sugar.

Caffe Latte
A mild silky and smooth coffee again blended with whitener and sugar.

Espresso Coffee
Fresh strong Italian espresso coffee brewed at the touch of a button.

Black Coffee
Mild diluted back coffee with rich aroma and freshness.

Apart from coffee, The Bean to Cup wonder can deliver plain milk and up to 10 different options of beverages.

Machine Specifications:
Height x Depth x Width – 700mm x 560mm x 425mm
Canister Capacity – 1kg
Boiler – 2.5ltr
Power Supply – 230V/AC

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