Fresh Milk South Indian Filter Coffee Machine

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Our vending machines are also designed to use fresh milk to formulate fresh milk south Indian filter coffee right when you want it. A cost effective investment with quick returns, it is a machine designed to amaze you and redefine the meaning of vending.

Our fresh milk coffee vending machines are based on advanced technology and deliver authentic South Indian Filter Coffee with fresh milk. Aesthetically designed on the outside with unmatched precision and engineering on the inside, this sensation has a high volume version which can deliver 500-600 cups per hour which no other machine can deliver.

Continuous dispensing options are also available and beauty lies in having a 99% consistency record for every dispensed coffee cup. A state of the art mini boiler ensures that hot water is also available for other beverages and for pre-heating of any product. Further, the machine is self cleaning and has a low power consumption making it a worthwhile investment and a winner in every category.

Machine Specifications:
Height x Depth x Width – 670 mm x 530mm x 330mm

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